Nobody Holy Oh (2021)

Acrylic on Canvas

48 x 48 inches




JUNE 12 – 30, 2021

Radisson BLU Anchorage Hotel, Victoria Island, Lagos

Art Clip Africa & June Creative Art Advisory are pleased to present The Things the Mad Man Saw, a series of acrylic and spray painted works on canvas by contemporary artist and thinker, Joseph Ogbeide. In these recent works, most of which were created after the widespread EndSARS protests in 2020, Ogbeide’s figurative iterations ‘prompt’ us about the state of our society, how we understand it, and how this understanding stifles change. It seems that our awareness of Nigeria’s inadequacies only make us adapt to the chaos and discord instead of driving us to the change that we seek. This is supported by the endless ‘pleasantries’ about ‘The Naija Factor’ circulating on the recently banned social media platform, Twitter. The need to “japa” has been the consensus for many Nigerians in the last few years and it appears that it is here to stay. 

Tunde Oyateru’s The Day The Mad Man Knew strips away the humour of our demise to its rawest form and begins a blunt discourse about how our social system functions on complicity. It is from this foundation that Joseph Ogbeide interprets and transforms Oyateru’s literature into an equally thought-provoking visual experience. His narratives explore cultural nostalgia, popular culture, injustice, power, corruption, instability, dark humour, bad governance, surveillance – particularly how they complicate the relationship between citizens and government officials, or perhaps how they unite us by highlighting the shared beliefs we adopt in our daily rituals. With our societal ills deeply embedded, how do we begin to interrogate and scrutinise things that we consider normal? How are we different from the mad man who is supposedly unaware of his chaotic and distorted mindset?

Ogbeide’s signature simple line drawings are also evident in all the exhibited works – depicting happiness, sadness, confusion, anger, envy, disdain and other human emotions with minimalist and abstract figures. The works are equally titled using grammatically simplified and popular phrases in Pidgin which Ogbeide believes best describes our thoughts in a way that the English language would struggle to. From here we can see parallels between Oyateru’s writing style and Ogbeide’s visual language – simple, concise and provocative. 

In this exhibition of deep colours and sensation, we prompt you to put into perspective the microcosmic changes we can work towards as a whole for a better country. The Things The Mad Man Saw is the second of monthly exhibitions at the Radisson Blu Anchorage Hotel, Victoria Island. This is the third solo exhibition by Joseph Ogbeide since he commenced his career as an artist in 2016. 

Timilehin Songonuga

Assistant Curator

June Creative Art Advisory (JCAA Lagos)

Exhibition Programming and Catalogue

The exhibition is accompanied by a Digital Catalogue and price list. 

All purchases come with a paperback copy of Tunde Oyateru’s The Day The Mad Man Knew.

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